• Principal Cheryl Tuttle

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    Welcome Back to School!
    We are honored to serve as educators in this beautiful valley for children and families we love and respect and feel blessed to serve.  Thank you for entrusting your children to our care during the school day.  We will do our best to make this an exciting new school year where your child feels cared for, valued, and excited to learn.  We want your child to feel SAFE and continue to demonstrate safety in their actions towards themselves and others.  We want your child to be RESPECTED and to demonstrate respect in their daily interactions with their peers, friends, teachers and family.  We also want to help your child to grow in RESPONSIBILITY and show pride in their work and actions.  We believe that all students are precious and can learn and we want our students to love learning!  We will strive to build an energizing fun atmosphere where your child will be encouraged to think, dream, create, and show competency in all their core subjects.
    We know that that we an important role in your child’s life and take this responsibility seriously.  We also know that each child’s family is even more vital to their happiness and success.  We want to encourage you to become active participants in your child’s academic success by ensuring your child comes daily to school on time and ready to learn.  We also want to invite you to become an active volunteer, communicate with your child’s teacher, and attend events throughout the school year.  We know that, with the school and family working together, your child will be surrounded with the positivity they need to demonstrate academic success. 
    I want to extend a warm welcome for you to visit our school.  When parents play an active part in their children’s education, the results are higher academic achievement, improved behavior, increased motivation, a more positive attitude and greater success.
      We look forward to working with you and your child. Your child’s academic success and overall well-being are our highest priorities.  
    Very truly yours,
    Cheryl Tuttle