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    Round Valley High School Vision Statement

    Round Valley High School staff and community developed a vision statement for our school this past fall (2015). We believe that this vision statement reflects our beliefs of what we desire and strive to provide to all Round Valley High school students.

    Round Valley High School provides a caring and healthy learning environment which inspired a passion for knowledge using engaging, culturally relevant curriculum that prepares our students to be responsible citizens, successful in any form of post- secondary education or employment.

    Round Valley High School Student Learning Outcomes (SLOS)

    The Student Learning Outcomes were refined and update by staff during the 2015-16 school year WASC review process and are as follows:

    1. Round Valley High School Students will be healthy individuals who will recognize the importance of balancing physical, social, spiritual and intellectual well-being.
    2. Round Valley High School students will be effective communicators who will respect diversity and work well with others on both personal and professional levels.
    3. Round Valley High School Students will be critical thinkers who can analyze information and then persist through adversity to achieve personal and professional goals.
    4. Round Valley High School Students will be digitally knowledgeable citizens who make effective use of modern technology and media in order to take advantage of all opportunities in order for them to achieve their dreams.
    5. Round Valley High School Students will be productive citizens who recognize, respect and understand the unique history of Round Valley, which include Native American Culture and agriculture.