Our Vision and Mission

  • Vision

    Students in the Round Valley Unified School District will be motivated and confident to compete successfully in college and the work force, and become positive productive citizens.

    • Academic: Obtain a comprehensive knowledge, training students to plan, organize, execute, and manage their progress towards meeting their goals.
    • Emotional: Respect self, others, staff and community members, clarify personal desires/goals, and deal effectively with obstacles.
    • Physical: Become aware of and develop natural abilities, and be fit and healthy through physical activity and good nutrition.



    Round Valley is a community committed to developing excellence. Our organization is caring and efficient, treats people fairly and consistently, building connections with students, parents, teachers, other staff, and the community. The learning environment is safe and motivating, including all stakeholders as members of the educational community.


    Round Valley Unified School District Goals

    Human Resources:

    Attract and retain caring, effective teachers and staff, providing them with focused staff development and utilizing the evaluation system to ensure continuous improvement.

    Student Learning and Achievement:

    Meet or exceed State standards, with high expectations in an engaging, safe learning environment, with an assessment system that monitors and responds to student needs. 

    Setting Direction:

    Reach out and involve students, teachers, other staff, parents and community members in supporting and implementing the district’s vision, mission and educational goals.

    Community Leadership:

    Improve communications while engaging all stakeholders and clarifying channels of communication throughout the school district and the community.


    Continuously improve the governance team’s effectiveness through on-going professional development.


    Achieve financial stability through alignment of resources, expenditures, and district goals based on student needs.


    Involve staff and community to identify ways to maximize use of facilities and identify needs for modernization and additional space.