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Every 15 Minutes Program Comes to Round Valley on May 1, 2018


ON MAY 1, 2018

Covelo, CA (May 2, 2018):  On Tuesday, May 1st, the California Highway Patrol conducted the Every 15 Minute Program at Round Valley High School. The program involved the high school working with the CHP to simulate a drunk driving collision. The “accident” occurred under a tree in front of Round Valley High School at approximately 10:30. The mock collision is designed to educate students about the realities of the potential results from drunk driving.

Students were called out of class to witness the 911 call reporting the staged accident involving 4 high school students. The front seat passenger was pronounced “dead” on the scene, one passenger in the back seat was cut out of the vehicle with the Jaws of Life and then “transported” by helicopter to Howard Memorial Hospital for major injuries/paralysis, and the driver and one other passenger sustained minor injuries. The driver was hand-cuffed and arrested after failing sobriety testing, and the deceased student was removed in a body bag. The event included emergency responses from the volunteer fire department, police, Cal-Fire, ambulance, a mortuary, and a tow truck company, just as required in an actual serious collision. During the mock crash, a videographer documented the event and the resulting video will be posted on YouTube. The students observing were respectful and attentive, and conveyed that it was educational and important.

Every 15 Minutes is a two-day program designed to demonstrate to high school students the devastating impact drinking and driving can have on friends, families and their community. The first day of the program highlighted by the simulated traffic collision in front of the high school involved an impaired teenage driver and a fatally injured victim. Throughout the rest of the academic day, the Grim Reaper went around to classrooms and removed students from class every 15 minutes to show how often young people are killed in impaired driving incidents. The program concludes with a wrap-up assembly for all high school students. In addition, the school will have counselors available to work with students if needed.

This event was conducted by the Garberville Office of the California High Patrol, with the support and sponsorship of the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, Mendocino Office of District Attorney, Round Valley Volunteer Fire Department, Cal-Fire, Round Valley Tribal Police, Round Valley Indian Health Center, Yuki Trails Human Services Program, Native Connections Suicide Prevention Program, MarTan – Red Road, Round Valley Lioness Club, Willits High School, Keith’s Family Food Center, Northern Builder's Supply, Howard Memorial Hospital, REACH Air Ambulance Services, Anker-Lucier Mortuary, McCaffrey’s Laytonville Auto Wreckers, Flowers by Annette, and John and Robert Cunnan. A special thank you from Round Valley High School for everyone’s support of this important event.

All media inquiries should be forwarded to Officer Gamble, Public Information Officer, Laytonville Resident Post/Garberville Area (126) through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The mission of the California Highway Patrol is to provide the highest level of Safety, Service and Security to the people of California.